What is a "Digital Transformation"?

A Digital Transformation is a cultural shift within a business; it's an organizational pivot to embrace change and integrate digital technology into all areas of the business and its processes. Digital transformations are about improving the overall efficiency and capabilities of the business, and it’s a fundamental change in how the business provides value to its customers. It’s disruption. It’s innovation. It’s a process of driving growth by reducing friction points within business’ operations. It’s an active effort to adopt new technology, challenge the status quo, experiment, and be comfortable with failure.

Businesses that go through a Digital Transformation are often required to abandon long-standing business processes (that the business may have been founded upon) in favor of relatively new practices that are still being defined. This is often the most difficult aspect of a Digital Transformation because it requires leadership understanding and buy-in of the overall process for it to be applied successfully.


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MQ Can Facilitate Your Digital Transformation

It starts with a deep dive into your corporate processes and existing infrastructure presented and lead by your key operating stakeholders. From the information gathered in this exploration stage we create a business process management (BPM) Audit. This audit outlines strengths and weaknesses within your organization and formalizes next steps to help your business create a long-term, concrete plan to force change. It guides you and your team on ways you can pivot your brand and embrace technology to reduce existing inefficiencies. In areas where your team may not have the capabilities to make the next jump, we offer any services required to help you make that leap forward.

What Could a Digital Transformation Look Like for Your Business?

It depends entirely on your business' needs, desired outcomes and corporate culture. In some instances, a Digital Transformation means improving your website, in others it may require taking advantages of software and tools that improve your team’s ability to reduce manual work. Sometimes it means gaining functionality that improves your relationship and outreach with your clients. Often times it involves a combination of all of these items and more.

The goal is almost always to move toward processes that make your business more efficient and approachable by your customers and above all it requires your business to embrace change and do things a little differently than you're used to.

A Digital Transformation requires trust and understanding that change is: important, that it’s welcomed, and that the outcome (not matter how uncertain it may be) will have a lasting and improved effect on your business.

If change is rejected in interest of the status quo, then progress is hindered and a Digital Transformation cannot be achieved.


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Is Your Company Due for a Digital Transformation?

  • Does your organization handle a lot of repetitive processes on paper or maunually?
  • Do you feel there are people on your team stuck in process when they could be better utilized doing creative and thought-oriented tasks?
  • Has your business accrued a back log of administration-type work simply because of a lack of man power?
  • Are innovative ideas constantly shot down because, “it’s the way we’ve always done it”? Or because the level of effort to explore new ideas too taxing on the business?
  • Is your website feared by your internal management team?